Solstice Hat: Free Crochet Pattern

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  1. ellen says:

    has anyone made this hat? so confusing, wondering if others are having issues. can’t get past row 3!

    • Hi! My best guess about what is challenging about this pattern is how to treat the turning chains at the beginning and end of the rows in order to get the right stitch count and make straight edges.

      This pattern treats the two chains at the beginning of each row (the turning chain) as the first half double crochet (don’t put a half double crochet into the very first stitch in the row below, instead go to the very next stitch to complete the row).

      At the end of the row, put the last half double crochet into the top of the turning chain.

      Alternatively, you can ignore the turning chain and put a half double crochet into the very first stitch of the previous row. If you choose this approach, be sure not to crochet into the turning chain at the end of each row, and don’t count the turning chains when you are counting your stitches.

      Hope this helps!

      I’ve added this tip to the Notes section of the pattern.

    • Nicole says:

      I just completed this hat it’s so easy to do. After you do your row 3 just repeat the pattern chain 2 at the end of every row and then use the front loop with the hdc stitch

  2. Karen Conrad says:

    I would like to make this hat in children’s sizes. Seems to me it shouldn’t be too hard to adjust stitch count since it is worked side to side. Would really appreciate any advice!

    • This should be an easy adjustment for this pattern!

      Going by the suggested sizes at the Craft Yarn Council, the typical head circumference for a baby is 14 – 16 inches, for a toddler 16 – 18 inches, and for a child 18 – 20 inches. If you can take a measurement in person, that will be an even better starting point!

      You can make your starting chain and stop when it measures the required number of inches for the the height you would like (typical beanie hat height is 5 inches for baby, 6 inches for toddler, 7 inches for child or tween; or longer for a slouchy hat style).

      Then keep crocheting rows until you reach the measurement of the circumference (make it an inch or so smaller for a more snug fit, this stitch pattern has plenty of stretch).

      For this pattern, you might try making a starting chain of 24 stitches and 35 rows for baby size; 27 stitches and 40 rows for toddler size; 30 stitches and 42 rows for child size.

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