Is Crochet Easy? 3 Things That Make Crochet an Easy Hobby to Learn

Crochet may be difficult at first, but it is very achievable for almost everyone to learn the basics of crochet and to create simple projects. Crochet is a teachable and learnable skill. With practice and a positive approach, anyone can learn to crochet and make blankets, garments, home decor or toys. 

It will take time to learn the skills that you need, specifically the fine motor skills you need to be able to hold your hook and yarn and to create stitches. Like any skill, it takes practice. Twenty  minutes a day of practicing will advance your skills fairly quickly. 

It is also possible to create crocheted items with only simple and easy stitches. Many crocheted objects are created by using only single or double crochet stitches. Learning complicated stitches and pattern repeats is an option, but not necessary for making satisfying and beautiful projects. 

Photo by Castorly Stock from Pexels

What do you need to know to learn how to crochet?

To learn how to crochet you must learn how to:

  1. Hold your hook
  2. Hold and apply the right amount of tension to the yarn
  3. Make different stitches
  4. Complete the finishing details of your project
  5. Read patterns

You can tackle learning these basic skills one at a time. 

Crochet is a good hobby for beginners

It’s easy to undo stitches and try again! And crochet “works up quickly”, meaning that you can create a project in a relatively short amount of time to feel that sense of accomplishment. 

Crochet is inexpensive to get started in as a beginner compared to many other crafts. There are budget friendly hooks and yarn, and free patterns available all over the internet and in your local public library. 

Crochet is also easy to learn as an adult. Don’t be put off if you didn’t learn to crochet as a child or if you don’t have experience in other needle crafts. Many skilled crocheters took up the craft as adults and get great enjoyment from a satisfying and absorbing hobby. 

Crochet is space saving

Crochet takes up very little room – no need for a dedicated craft room!  Anyone who is short on space can crochet from a small basket or project bag.

Fitting a crochet project into a bag means that crochet is the ultimate portable craft. Take your yarn and hook with you anywhere where you will have extra time and you can practice and create on the go.

There are many easily available resources for learning how to crochet

Today, it is easier than ever to learn how to crochet.

The proliferation of information that the internet and social media have made available in the 21st century has been an enormous benefit to anyone who wants to learn a new skill. You can learn almost anything from home, and that includes both beginner and advanced crochet techniques and projects. 

There are websites and YouTube channels dedicated to teaching crochet technique. And don’t forget books, magazines and DVDs (the public library is a great resource for this). 

You can also get instruction in person! More than ever, you can find crochet classes in both your local yarn store (LYS) or big box craft supply stores. Look to social media to find meetups where knitters and crocheters can get together in the community. 

For getting started in crochet, you may want to use some of my favorite resources:

The following affilate links are all resources that I have used myself and recommend. If you buy anything through these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for you support!

Craftsy is an excellent resource for learning how to crochet, for everyone from the complete beginner to more experienced crafters. Get started learning to crochet with step by step video instruction. (Get 60% off all class sets until 01/01/2023, no code needed.)

The Crochet Answer Book: Edie Eckman’s classic Q&A reference book has been updated with helpful answers to even more of your burning crochet questions. Covers everything from beginning basics like yarn styles, stitch types, and necessary tools to detailed outlines of more advanced techniques. 

The Crocheter’s Skill-Building Workshop by Dora Ohrenstein. This fun guide includes more than 70 stitch-along swatches that teach specific crochet techniques and five projects — a hat, shawl, neck warmer, bag, and scarf — that put your new skills to use.


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